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Frequently Asked Questions

What #shaadow is? help_outline

#shaadow is a tool to protect your confidential information via SaaS platform.

What type of docs #shaadow can protect? help_outline

Documents in PDF format.

What happens with my document when it is uploaded to the #shaadow platform? help_outline

After the user has been uploaded the document to the platform, the invisible marked process starts; when the process ends, the marked file will be returned to the user. Your document won't be stored in #shaadow.

I’m worried about uploading my confidential documents to an external platform. What kind of use can #shaadow make of them? help_outline

None. #shaadow will not store any of its users documents. In addition, the entire process from uploading a document to the extraction of the mark is secured, providing a secure channel for all our users.

We want to use #shaadow. What are the next steps? help_outline

Just register through the plans section. Select the membership that best suits your needs or try the app first for free. When registering, you will be required to validate the authenticity of your email by entering the code that you will receive for this purpose (please, check your spam folder if you cannot find it).

Once I am on the platform, what should I do? help_outline

When your profile has been created and you have accessed to #shaadow platform with your credentials, you must go to the marking area. First of all, upload the document you want to mark, enter the marks you need (one for each recipient of the document) and click on <Upload>. Then, download the documents, which should appear in folders classified by marks. They are now ready to be sent to their respective recipients. In case of a leak, just go back to the #shaadow platform and go to the extraction area. You upload the document or the part of the document that you received in PDF (either image or text). The platform will return the invisible mark of the document as a result.

How are the marks I need to create for the documents? help_outline

Bear in mind that a mark links a document with a person or an entity, so the marks are completely customizable. You can use any information that helps you univocally identify the recipient of the document as a mark: it could be the name and the surname of the person who is going to receive it, their e-mail address, their employee number, DNI… whatever you prefer and helps you (to identify the recipient of the document).

I have uploaded my document but I get the message that not all pages have been marked, what happened? help_outline

Not all pages can be marked because the marking procedure depends on many parameters. In order for the user to have information about the robustness of the marking as a result of the marking process, the user is given information about the number of pages that have been marked out of the total number of pages in the document.

If I take a photograph of a marked document, will the invisible mark remain or will it be lost? help_outline

The mark of the document will remain regardless of whether it is a photograph or not. When you upload the image in PDF format to the platform, the mark can be read.

Can I sign a document marked with #shaadow? help_outline

Yes, you can. The process is as follows: first you have to mark the desired document with #shaadow, download the PDFs with the corresponding marks and then sign the documents. Warning: the process must not be reversed as this would invalidate the electronic signature.

How does #shaadow service work? help_outline

Using #shaadow service requires having a #shaadow membership plan. A user with a #shaadow membership plan will be a #shaadow user. All #shaadow membership plans are billed monthly, and they will renew automatically at the end of each billing cycle. #shaadow is a credit transaction-based service. The #shaadow users will have a monthly number of credits based on their membership plan. The credits are reset every month based on the membership plan. The credits are not cumulative. When a user inserts a mark into a document, a markup credit will be subtracted. When a user reads a marked document and extraction credit will be subtracted.

How can I cancel my #shaadow membership? help_outline

You can cancel it at any time.

What happens to my credits if I cancel my #shaadow membership? help_outline

When you cancel your #shaadow membership, your plan will be set to cancel at the end of your current billing cycle. You may continue using your monthly credits until the end of your billing cycle. According to the law, #shaadow doesn't save user's information; therefore, if you cancel your #shaadow membership, you won't be able to read your marked documents anymore.

Can I pay for a year all at once instead of the monthly amount? help_outline

All #shaadow membership plans are billed monthly. Your membership will be renewed at the end of each billing cycle.

Are there any other fees involved? help_outline

There are no additional fees beyond the cost of your membership plan.