Protecting Trade Secrets

#shaadow facilitates traceability of confidential documents.

Our patented technology allows easy generation of invisible watermarks on your documents via our SaaS platform. These marks are associated with individuals or legal entities so breaches can be traced back in both digital and physical formats.


The Threat

Document Leakage

The leaking of confidential documents causes:

Collection of watermarked documents

money_off  Costs

Economic costs for organizations and executives.

thumb_down  Reputation

Reputational damage to the good name of the company.

sentiment_very_dissatisfied  Distrust

Distrust among employees, partners and investors.

no_accounts  Impunity

It is often difficult to identify the liable party.

"The global average total cost of a data breach in 2020 was $3.86 million"

by IBM Data Breach Report 2020

Our response

handyman  The tool

Stop the leaks

#shaadow deters confidential document leaks. It embeds invisible watermarks that are unique to the message receiver.

share  The bind

Trace the chain

#shaadow's undetectable watermark binds sender and receiver. All agents who participate in the exchange of confidential documents will be aware of the implications and responsibilities that a leak will bring to them.

thumb_up  The impact

Security and reliability

Reinforce your image of commitment to security. Your clients will value it positively as an important part of your strategy, aligned with their own interests.

shaadow's logo-symbol

portrait  The leaker

Identify the source

Our tool makes it possible to identify where the leak comes from without the need to preserve or compare with the original document. Identify the source of the leak simply by scanning or photographing the leaked document.

people_alt  The users

From large corporations to SMEs

Any entity concerned about the security of its confidential documents and the trust of its clients can benefit from #shaadow's solution. Some of the sectors most affected by leaks are:

  • medical_services  Healthcare
  • local_atm  Financial
  • bolt  Energy
  • medication  Pharmaceutical
  • memory  Technology
  • precision_manufacturing  Industrial
  • miscellaneous_services  Services
  • sports_esports  Entertainment
  • school  Education
  • forum  Communication
  • shopping_cart  Consumer
  • storefront  Retail
  • room_service  Hospitality
  • biotech  Research

Add #shaadow to your action plan to protect your information

Avoid data breaches and have in place robust measures to protect their trade secrets and confidential information. Enter the platform that gives you extra security.